goingtomakethishappen replied to your post: One of my best friends just openly admitted to me…

I love you, I love being exposed to THE HUMAN RACE, and you should never use the word friend to describe someone who makes you hide who you are.

Thank you so, so much for those kind words :3 It’s been so hard for the longest time and every time I feel like I’m finally making some progress, something like this happens and I’m kicked back ten spaces :/ but thank you, really. Your words mean a lot to me :3 

  1. goingtomakethishappen said: I am just your average, run if the mill girl who lives 2,800 ,iles from her best friend, reads R&I fic obsessively, and is f***ed off when ppl don’t treat others with love and respect. You are a beautiful soul, a forever, follow, an amazing author, and a good person. ;)
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