givemerizzlesorgivemedeath said:  OK I THINK I HAVE A GOOD ONE. i really want a maura protecting jane fic. shooting a gun if necessary (i mean, she knows how to so why the fuck not). I WILL KEEP THINKING. oh my god this is the best day ever. ilu. bai!

They weren’t where they were supposed to be. Nobody was where they were supposed to be. Jane should be the one on her feet, not on her side, struggling to keep her eyes open as the pain tried to close around her brain…Frost should be…Jesus Christ, where was Frost?…Frost should be by her side, helping her stand off against this gun-wielding Lunatic…Korsak should be doing anything but keeping watch outside, because He wasn’t coming, He was already here…they all should be on the road by now, looking for Him somewhere else because He shouldn’t be here

And Maura…


Jane wanted to cry out her name, but whatever remaining self-control she had kept her from distracting the doctor, who right now stood between her and the gun-wielding Lunatic, holding steady with Jane’s standard-issue weapon pointed directly at His heart.


“You ain’t no cop.”

Maura didn’t answer. She didn’t move an inch.

“You probably can’t shoot for shit.”

She stared straight at him, her expression unreadable. “Is that a chance you’re willing to take?” she replied, low and cold. She was angry. She was mad.


He laughed and spit to the side, not taking His eyes off of her. “Y’all should just back off right now,” He said with a jerk of His head. “It’s her I want. I ain’t got no problem with you, ‘cept for that gun you got in your hands.”

“You’re not going to touch her,” Maura snapped, her voice like icicles. Jane, wavering in and out of consciousness, feared for her life.

Oh, God, Maura…

“Oh, I think I am,” He replied, a sick grin playing across his lips. “For what she did to my brother? I’m going to gut her like a fish after I—”


Jane shrieked as the bullet pounded through the warehouse wall and the body hit the ground. “MAURA!”

Very, very slowly, Maura lowered the gun. She trained it on Him for several long seconds just in case the hole in His head wasn’t enough to kill Him, and then turned to Jane, who was sobbing without abandon on the floor behind her.

“Oh, Jane…”

The stone-cold Maura was gone the second she laid eyes on her shuddering friend and she let the gun slip out of her grasp. “Jane, Jane…” Tears rolling down her cheeks, Maura sank to her knees next to the detective and gently laid a hand on her cheek. “It’s okay. He’s gone. I’ve got you…”

Jane’s eyelids fluttered and she fought hard against the blackness that wanted to envelop her. “K-Korsak…”

“He’s coming, Jane. He heard the shot. He’ll have called an ambulance, they’re all coming, Jane, just hang on,” Maura said as steadily as she could, now pressing her shirt to the wound in Jane’s shoulder in an attempt to stem the blood flow.

I’m trying. I’m trying. “M-Maura…w-w-w-w…”

“Yes, Jane, yes, you’re going to live,” Maura replied with the best smile she could manage, deducing Jane’s meaning from the way she tried to glance towards her shoulder. “But you’ve lost a lot of blood, so just try to stay with me, okay? Just do your best.”

Jane closed her eyes but continued to shake, determined to stay conscious. “You…y-you…w-win, Maura.”

Maura let out a bark of laughter, her vision blurring with tears. “You’re welcome,” she said as the wailing of sirens crescendoed from a distance. “You’re so very welcome.”

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